Have to be honest I didn't know that Coventry was a city ;o) there you go they say you need to learn something every day......right thats the learning done, now wheres the sex with horny Coventry Transvestites... Well stop looking its right here

Like most of the towns & cities within the West Midlands the local scene is a hive of activitiy within the transvestite commuinity whether its meeting up online via sites like this or meets within local tgirl clubs and certinally no matter where your interests are within the scene you can be assurred your not going to be looking for long ...

To give you some idea heres a feature personals along with further samples .......and whats even better direct access to ALL members via the free link

Feature :- Access Full Ads - Click Here ( Coverntry Tgirl) Hi I'm here to ideally meet with a local contact so that we can arrange regular meets / fuck buddy contacts, but happy to chat online if you see me around, but its a local regular friend for sex I'nm after, any offers? I'm not new to the scene and have been dressing on and off for along time now.

Its meeting with local I've been struggling with so thought I'd give this site a try, and after meets with other Coventry tgirls, females or couples and whilst I live in Covernty I am prepered to travel to meet up but only short distances, also can sometimes accomodate but you must be discrete if the case.

I'm a slim build, short dark hair and enjoy dressing in lingerie but you can see that from my twenty odd pics I've posted in my profile.. I'm up for trying most things and not afraid to expereiment although you'll struggle to find something I've not already given ..( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)

random images from West Midlands Transvestites / Coventry TV ads / sample profile photos:

Free Access to coventry Tranny contacts

Access Full Ads - Click Here (54) CD/TV/TS, Coventry .. I'm Mandy a young (looking) 51 yr old bi transvestite from Coventry thats after some local meets and being bi happy to meet up with all for some fun either at mine or yours. I can dress conservatively or sluty just let me know as I'm happy to please and wear anything you fancy seeing me in as Im up for just about anything "legal" Right now my look is the slutty tranny schoolgirl although I really need to update my profile with some photos of me wearing my uniform so you'll just have to use your imagination. Im not into cyber or webcam sex and want the real thing so if your after lots steamy physical fun then drop .( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)
Access Full Ads - Click Here (49) CD/TV/TS Coventry..:- I'm a very keen crossdresser thats after meets with a dominant maler admirer. I'm quite tall so would prefer a taller dominant man and love to dress fully showing off my VERY long slim legs and will wear most things that show these off well. I can accommodate and I don't go out dressed so pretty much a private thing and after .( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)
Access Full Ads - Click Here (44) CD/TV/TS Coventry :- any play mates around Coventry want to have fun with sexy crossdresser? My names Tara and I'm married and not out to my wife so this means I have to be very discrete. I love wearing sexy underwear & feminine outfits and have a very hidden wardrobe. I've had some meets mostly with other xdressers and TV's. Im here to build friends( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)
Access Full Ads - Click Here (42) CD/TV/TS Coventry..:-I'm a Sissy crossdresser thats in need of meeting a man or TV that wants to use my maid services. My name is sonia and I'm a very submissive CD thats looking to meet someone thats interested in a TV sissy. Drop me a line with details of the service you require with specific details and OH ( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)
Access Full Ads - Click Here (54) CD/TV/TS Coventry :- My little sexy bottom needs filling hopefully by a big fat cock !!! I'm happy to meet up outdoors as I love dogging and car park sex and will be dressed all sexy and ready for use. I'm a Transvestite thats willing and waiting for all "cummers" and you can fill me to the limit with all your cum..Will also meet with females & couples that want to help me exploring my feminine side which is coming more to the forehead lately. I'm happy to meet with members that just want to use & abuse me for their own sexual pleasure and I'm submissive and will follow any orders. I do have limits but very few so why not drop me a line.( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)
Access Full Ads - Click Here (62) CD/TV/TS , Coventry :- web camming sex anyone? I just love meeting up online and having fun with other trannys. I'm an exhibtionist and voyeur transvestite thats here to meet with similar members but also up for local meetsa as well, but one of the great things about webcam meets is it doesn't matter where you live ;o) I'm slim, shaved with lovely legs and adore lingerie, heels, lipstick and watersports and( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)
Access Full Ads - Click Here (46) CD/TV/TS West Midlands, Coventry :-I'm a VERY CONVINCING TV with blue eyes, long hair and in flats I'm 5' 9" I have lots of looks but love to wear sexy underwear with heels and always fully make up. I have am extensive wardrobe with lots of blouses, skirts, skirt suits & elegant dresses. I also a bridal outfit ( see pics and here to meet males, females, couples ( Contact Members for FREE - Click here)

As you'd image this is just a fraction of the contacts we have and just posted to give you an overview of just some of the members...

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