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Our transvestite and crossdressing members do love to tell a tale or two, whether it is a real life experience or a hot 'n' horny piece of fantasy fiction they provide a great read especially for you newbies!

As amember you can access stories posted in member blogs & forums, plus should you want contact the member as well

It can be an extemely daunting thought when you are considering "coming out" as a transvestite so reading the stories and experiences of those who have will help! Alternatively the fictional stories will give you an insight into what turns our TV members on and possibly you could be the one to turn their fantasy into a reality!

The stories below are all by the tranny members of Wife Swapping 24/7 - and if you have your own tale to tell them please send it to us and we will add it here for other crossdressers, transvestites or their admirers to read:

  • My husband has for many years been into crossdressing and we've had various role playing games in the bedroom, but recently we took that to another level with me being dominate
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  • At first it started by occassionally wearing stockings, then I found some high heels and that then was followed by everything else including panties, bra, drersses and make up. I just loved the way it felt being dressed up and feeling sexy.
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  • I pull out the black silk thong and slide it up my freshly shaved legs, then tuck my cock into the smooth crotch of it. Next, I pull on a black cami, a black lacey suspender belt and lastly a pair of black, lacey stockings.
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  • "She" looked quite stunning as I walked up to her in the crowded bar, with a short skirt showing off her amazing legs. I am sure that no one else in the place thought, let alone knew that it was in fact my husband Joe. A few heads turned when I walked up and gave her a full on snog!
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