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Lets be honest we all love a bit of crossdress dogging sex! but the UK dogging scene especially so for dogging transvestites has changed in that now more admirers & crossdressing males are turning towards the internet as a safer way to meet

As an admirer of dogging crossdressers if fact more than I've had more than my odd few meets with some sexy gals one thing that I've noticed is the increased police presence but worse the growing amount of idiots that just want to spoil peoples dogging fun!

I'm sure you've probably noticed the same..........sad times, but there is an option that many admirers and crossdress members are turning towards and thats using forums to arrange dogging meets

Most tranny contacts website's will have some type of forum based message board, some are better than others and likewise used more and within the members section we have one of the best message boards and forum systems available offering members the chance to post message and better still dogging locations where they will be dogging

And whats better to access this tranny forum is FREE so, check out some of the members photos below then if you want to find the best & safest dogging locations for Xdressers & admirers then join us today

Please read - to keep images updated we are now using an automated system that directly pulls images from users personals - but these are not filtered by keyword..As a member you can search for tranny dogging photos and contacts ....or you could just wait around and see what pops up ;o)

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