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When people think of forums they normally associated it with some geeky place where guys with nothing better to do sit back and talk about any crap, well on a swingers forum talking crap is the last thing that goes on and subjects discussed go from instant meets to whether bareback swinging is a crazy thing to do

chat with couples that enjoy the swingers & wife swapping scene via members forums ...

Having such a busy swingers forum does mean you get the community feel and chatting with members from all around the world will help you enjoy the contacts site more and have a more diverse view of the swinging scene

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  • Assistance and Etiquette - Forums and Adult Community Swingers Etiquette
  • Chill Out Zone - couples true wife swap
  • Bi Couples Only - General chat, Chill out Zone, Help for newbie couples
  • Holiday Meet Up - going on holiday in the UK / world
  • Instant Action - all counties listed
  • The Social Scene - details on clubs, parties meets, caravan swinging

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