Sexy Liverpool Tranny members!! what can you really say about Merseyside crossdressers other than YES please !!! and if your looking to meet with Liverpool transvestites you won't be looking to hard!! ....

The Merseyside Crossdresser scene has always been a strong region with a massive diverse range of contact from both young trannies to mature members and with a range of dressing skills from newbie's to members that can transform themselves into beautiful sexy tranny contacts

With a transgender scene so strong within Merseyside for some they would wonder why bothering joining a contacts website, which for some I'd agree, but for Merseyside contacts that don't have the confidence or are limited for time due to being married contacts website's offer a great way for members to meet

The region of Merseyside does have a VERY strong tranny scene and posted here are some edited profiles and members photos just to give you an overview of just what members have access to but this is a mear fraction of the contact we have that runs into the thousands, all looking to meet with Merseyside admirers or other crossdress contacts

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livertranny : Liverpool - Hiya all I'm a young tranny (23) thats looking for some fun and with others. I live in the city and have a small flat so happy to accom although you will have to be discrete when visiting. I've been dressing since I was very young and in fact started dressing in my sister school uniform and that love for looking like a school girl is still there and by far my best and most naughtiest look. I'm looking to meet with members of any age for "full" sex meets as theres nothing I won't do or enjoy such as kissing, oral, anal, mild spanking ( I do love being a naughty school tranny for headmistress to spank) so drop me a line and lets meet . - contact
debsdelte : Southport - married tranny from Southport looking for meets. I'm NOT the worlds most convincing tranny but I do LOVE wearing pantyhose / tights and I'm looking to try other outfits and pushing my dressing limits into wearing knickers as well. I'm ideally looking to meet with other tights fetish wearing males for oral meets and maybe more but that will depend . - contact
doggytranny101 : St Helens - anyone want to meet a Merseyside dogging tranny for some outdoor sex? I live in St Helens and use various pre arranged dogging meets local to me with admirers. I do love outdoor sex and in fact given the choice of indoors or outdoors I'll take a good fucking in a public park any day of the week! I do dress when meeting members outside. If you would like to meet up I've posted some locations within my blog that you can find from my profile or better still drop me a private message and lets arrange a meet. I love O & A and do have a preference towards bareback dogging sex - contact
tgirljulian1 : Birkenhead - Want can I say, sexy, slim, convincing and modest LOL. I'm a convincing Merseyside Tgirl that often goes out fully dressed and I do get heads turning for all the right reasons. I'm looking to only meet with mature male admirers that know just how to treat a sexy tgirl and PLEASE don't even think about asking if I fuck males I DON'T and the only thing that will happen with your message is NUKED!! ( yes it does piss me off) I'm very feminine and totally believable which I think you'll agree from looking at my photos, which BTW a professional photographer and friend took those. Drop me a line and lets arrange to meet either at yours, mine or a bar I really don't mind . - contact
petazcd: Knowsley -married mature tranny thats not out with my wife so all meets are either yours or a hotel as I don't do outdoor sex tooo cold tooo risky - but each to there own. I've been dressing for some years and dress fully with wigs, make up and some of my outfits I have matching bags. I'm very lucky in that I have my own business in Knowsley so able to store my outfits out of prying eyes. I also bring outfits and make up to contacts homes and get dressed there as I don't have the confidence to go out dressed. I'm looking to meet with other similar aged crossdressers for nights of wine, nibbles , good company finished off with SEX - contact
sissyslut4owners : Wallasey - I'm a sissy crossdresser thats so totally submissive I will obey every and any requests made upon me. I'm looking to meet with dominant males that want to further train me and use me for anything. My last master would have me cleaning his house and would walk around checking the quality and if not up to his standards would spank me / cane me. I would love to be the sex slave to a small group of males where I would perform any duties whilst wearing a sissy maids outfit. I've been training my tranny pussy with prolonged use of a large butt plug so I'm able to take anything including fistings, large objects and would love to try a double tranny fucking with both males cumming inside me at the same time   - contact


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