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When you think Lancashire you'll probably not think that any TV/CD or TS members would need to use a adult contacts website, but not everyone has the confidence to meet in some of the great clubs that surround North West

For many online contacts is there only outlook for meets and if that sound like you then you've found one of the best places to meet with Lancashire crossdressers & admirers.

So the question beg's what type of Lancashire tranny contacts are you looking for ? young, mature, slim, fat or maybe some tgirl sex!! either way within this region we have more than a few members to choose from and posted on this page are a sample of those personals

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Access Full Ads - Click Here: 38 / Blackpool - married tranny thats looking for meets but I can't accom. I have in the past used some of the Blackpool cottaging locations but that limits what you can wear so really looking to meet with other Blackpool crossdressers for pretty near anything goes sex. The only think I'm not into is kissing - sorry just doesn't do it for me - ( contact members - click here )
Access Full Ads - Click Here: 44 / Preston - I'm a submissive tranny thats looking for dominant males only ( sorry no dom tranny contacts) I love to serve a dominant male and have various outfits that I can wear to hopefully please master. I've been training my pussy for sometime with prolonged use of a butt plug and I'm now able to take anything and do love receiving a good fisting. I would love my master to take me to a group meet where males will take turns in using me for ANYTHING my needs are defiantly at the harder end of BDSM contacts so if you want a tranny slave to use contact me - ( contact members - Click Here )
Access Full Ads - Click Here: 60 / Blackburn - hi all. thanks for reading my personals advert. I'm a mature crossdresser thats looking to meet with others. I've been within the scene for some years in fact looking at some of the profiles around Lancashire longer than some member have been alive. I live alone so can pretty near dress 247 which I often do other than when going to work and even then will have some on still. I'm happy to hear from any age contacts and both new and old timers like myself as I'm happy to help others out with ther transformations. Sexually most things go but its always safe as I don't take risks ( think those that do bareback sex are stupid) so drop me a line and lets chat or better still come round for a glass or three - ( contact members - click here )
Access Full Ads - Click Here: 31 / Burnley - hi, I'm a young crossdresser thats looking for couples only as I really would love a threesome . Ideally the husband will be a crossdress male although I'm flexible on this as i know many crossdressing husbands aren't out with the wives but I can dream. But the idea would be that the wife would instruct us playing with each other then joining in at some time. I a top tranny so would much soon be the one fucking your husband and you can either be sucking him off or watching I really don't mind. I'm looking to meets couples between 25-35 only please - ( contact members - Click Here )
Access Full Ads - Click Here: 48 / Leigh - I started late and now looking to make up for lost time. Im looking for local meets and hopefully finding a good man to show me just what I've been missing out on. I have the outfits, games & LOTS of sex toys now looking for the contacts. So come on guys come and get me. I have lots of fantasies and more than keen for a man to treat me like a women in EVERY way - ( contact members - click here )

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