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Is it sexual fantasies that first get people swinging or when you join a UK swingers website do you start having all these kinky naughty swinging ideas? we asked our members with this interesting survey

What does your swinging wife fantasize about?

Its an interesting observation do people join swingers website's with definite ideas as to what they want to try or the types of contacts they are looking to find. With this in mind we have added a survey section to the members section so we can set up direct surveys and ask members these types of questions

One recent swingers survey was done where we asked female swingers "what do you fantasise about" and from a male viewpoint it makes interesting reading, after all why we "may" we think as males & husbands we know what our wives and girlfriends are thinking we really !!

for more surveys just join us ands considering basic membership is free won't even cost you a penny to find out more and read what others have been talking about within the swinging scene

So, what do female swingers fantasise about?

  • Being dominated and that can be either the wives dominating there partners or the other way round where the wives are as sexual slaves
  • Role play dressing up, after all who doesn't want a Britney Spears schoolgirl fantasy with your wife dressed in various outfits parading about for your viewing pleasure or indeed others
  • Sex with a stranger but with the added frill of the husband watching and with this the cuckold genre has grown in popularity with more couples getting to this than any other fetish contact
  • Threeway sex isn't something that just guys think about, although the bulk of women look towards FFM threesomes but thats down to the fact most female swingers are bisexual ......don't believe me? do a search you'll soon see I'm right
  • Voyeurism & dogging, it makes you wonder if it wasn't a women that invented dogging as most of the forum posting are from women that are looking to watch others and its no wonder that the top fantasy is Voyeurism with either other couples watching them at clubs, same room sex at home or UK dogging locations
  • bukkake meets, you have to thank the internet for the interest in bukkake as this is one of the most popular sexual fantasies of women to stand in a room whilst others wank over them for more into on bukkake contacts follow this link

The survey does cover other sexual fantasises as well so why not join up and read about what women really think about when joining a swingers site and what they fantasise about

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