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Adult Streaming is here!!! Do you buy Adult DVDs online then sit and wait for then to turn up!! if so move away from that way of watch adult movies, Video on demand streaming is here and you can watch adult movies NOW!!!

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OK lets cover some basics on what Video on Demand (VOD) streaming is. The main site looks like any other adult dvd or video site nothing really different their BUT! rather than having prices to buy the films there are prices to watch it !!! its really as simple as that - here's some FAQ's about streaming adult porn movies - more information on Streaming adult movies

  • Do I need software or programs to watch VOD streaming movies?

Nope your PC should already have a copy of Realplayer or Windows Media Player nothing else is needed and its really a case of which one you prefer to use

  • How much is a adult video to stream

You can watch adult movies for as little as £3, so about the same price as hiring a mainstream film from your local DVD shop but with our system you don't have to go out

  • What shows up on my Credit Card and the amount of money you spent

  • Do I have to join up and how much is the membership

You do have to join AEBN as they are the company streaming adult movies & the films but membership is free and really all you are doing is setting up a user name & password for you to watch films from

  • Do I have pay before I first

you don't pay anything till you click on the streaming vod movie, so you can look around the site checking out covers and unlike DVD shops even seeing stills showing scenes from within the video. Only when you click to watch will you be taken into your account and ask to login then either watch the film of pay money into your account

  • How fast does the film download or stream onto my PC

first your not downloading (downloading adult videos) it thats another service what your doing is watching the movies live via AEBN streaming servers so this means NO downloading you client on the film and within a few seconds it will start showing on your PC

  • What size is the screen how big is the film on my screen

It's really down to your PC and the graphics card you have in your machine, like anything to do with computers the better the graphics car the better & bigger you can take the move size on your PC - I've only got the basic can in my PC and I can watch movies FULL SCREEN SIZE and the quality is good. Obviously if I was to invest in a much better graphics card this would be much better

  • What if the film won't start our I have problems

AEBN offer 24hr live support, so if the films not streaming or something else is not working correctly click on " live support" and chat with then direct 24hours a day

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