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I’ll be the first to admit it I’m a horny cow that LOVES sex and after my last boyfriend dumped me I was heading into a bit of a dry spell and needed to get my fix…and I knew just the place to head towards

I’d heard about this county walk where couples would meet up for dogging and basically parked up at one end and then walked along to find others so thought sod it I’ll give it a go..thinking back I must have been insane to head out to a county walk alone with the intension of hopefully getting fucked

I headed out and parked up and straight away noticed the complete lack of any cars! FUCK had I come to the right place …so getting out of the car I though I’d head off down the path so locked up and started walking along the lane

It wasn’t too long before my interests starting looking around and one ting lead to another and I fell into the little ditch and was buried in bloody branches…Doing my best to get free I really wasn’t doing too well when a friendly voice asks if I needed a hand and reached over to pull me free

His name was Paul and he saw me walking down here after he parked up and straight away my thoughts wondered about whether he was fuckable or not…true he’d just pulled me from a fate worse than death but was that worth a fuck……yeah to right it was…thanking him I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek and from his reaction was expecting a little more so walking closer towards him we kissed quite passionately

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This time I didn’t pull away and neither did he as we both embraced kissing passionately, by now my thoughts had gone about my little fall and the fat I was snogging a stranger in public place and moving back I leaned against a tree and we kissed long and hard…..I didn’t give a fuck about the rights or wrongs of having sex outdoors all I knew was this was REALLY turning my on

He pulled back and I updid my top and straight away felt the cool air against my breasts that had the instant effect of making my nipples go rock hard and as his hands cupped my breasts he moved down my body and started to kiss & nibble my nipples over the lace but I was desperate to have his tong on my tits so pulling my bra up I released my tits and my erect nipples,  straight away his mouth locked onto my tits and his tong was swirling around my nipples

He was sucking drawing each one into his mouth in turn and I was groaning out quite loudly and not giving a fuck that I was in a public location. Moving back up he kissed me again and pushing his groin against mine could feel his hard cock and this was all I needed to move down on him…I was now so overwhelmed with lust that I dropped to the floor undoing his trousers and pulling them down to show a erect cock with already a little treat waiting on the end with some pre cum….

Licking his pre cum he tasted so sweet that I licked his cock from the base running my tongue all the up and he grasped as I took him fully inside my mouth gagging a little but I was still able to hold him all the way inside. I was sucking him hard but also keeping aware that I didn’t want him to cum, whilst I don’t mind guys cuming in my mouth I was here to get fucked and that’s what I was going to get…

Feeling him build up I pulled back and looking up towards him asked he he’d brought a rubber with his and with that pasted me one and I slipped it onto him…I was sure if he thought I was going to return to sucking him off but standing up I pulled my dress up and moved his hand between my legs to find my dripping wet pussy.

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