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I knew about cuckold sex and how some wife's liked to humiliate there husbands by making them watch them getting fucked but having found out that my little hotwife was the office slag I never thought this turn her into some Cuckquean for me to watch and clean

you know I from the viewpoint of a married man, I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle watching some guys fucking my wife, but for cuckold husbands & members into cuckoldry this type of forced sex would be bliss

This is a true life story of how my wife & I got into cuckold sex. I've changed a couple of things to hide the true nature of the story, but I really did walk in and find my wife's boss fucking her and she told me to sit back and watch! although now we enjoy cuckold sex and meet people via the contacts site. 

I've just found out that my wife is the office shag! and this has been going on for over a year! it all started about 18 mths ago when she took a job in the local estate offices in Blackpool where we live just for a bit of extra cash, least thats what I though not some extra COCK!

You see a little about my wife.......shee every guys dream fuck, slim size 10 petite with long dark hair that almost touches her bum but more so for a size she has tits that should make her fall over they are so big so when she's out she always get lots off attention, but little did I know what type

She'd been working at this estate agents for some while and I noticed that each month her outfits were getting more and more sexy, dresses were getting so short that I could almost see her arse & her tops were now so tite that her tits were only just staying in them and if you saw her walking down the road or standing on a corner you'd pull over ask "how much for a fuck"

So as friday night was when she worked late thought I'd surprise and meet her and maybe go out afterwards, getting to the shop all the lights were off but I could see one of the guys working so he let me in and knowing that she worked upstairs walked up into her office. getting their there was no one around but could see movement in the owners office at the bottom so walking down I just looked through the door as I didn't want to just walk in but what I saw did make me entire!!

I pushed open the door and my wife and boss where fucking!!! she had her skirt pulled up around her waste and was riding him and for a while didn't even know I was their until another guy sat in the corner said to me " you come to fuck her as well", with that she turned round telling me to "sit down and watch how I should be fucked" with that I was so taken back sat back onto the chair and watched

The boss carried on fucking her as though I wasn't t there and whilst I knew about forced cuckold sex never thought the day would come where I was waiting the wife getting fucked by the office staff, and not just one either as the boss came and standing up my wife leaned over the table and the other guy that was sit in the corner walked over and shoved his cock into her cum soaked fanny and carried on fucking her

She looked at me and said "hope you like this as normally I'll have 4 guys waiting to fuck me" and with that she turned towards the boss and sucked his cock clean whilst the other fucked her, he was doing her for at least 20 minuets before pulling his dick out turning her around and making her swallow his cum

After they both left the office leaving my wife standing their with her knickers still down and telling me to come over told me to lick her cum soaked fanny, and as I secretly enjoyed watching her getting fucked by these two guys as I now had a rock hard cock did what she asked and cleaned her cum soaked fanny out

I now have to watch her getting fucked by other guys as we've now joined a swingers site, sometimes just one, other times 2 or 3 and still very friday night she get home late, and I'm made to lick her fanny clean, but least after the guys have gone she reverts back to my sexy little wife and we get to FUCK!


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