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love watch porn dvds but feed up getting naff streaming videos? yep me as well which is why with a group of fellow porn fans we are going to be reviewing porn videos !

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As a porn fan I've streamed some really pretty naff old videos over the years and whilst you may look at the DVD cover an see some hot porn star when they appear in the videos they never look quite so hot, or even worse not even star in the video!

With this in mind I'm looking at adding reviews to videos that I watch and as I've got a pretty diverse taste in porn hopefully I will be reviewing some porn videos that will interest you and to make things even better I'll be adding screen shots taken directly from the streamed video

All the videos previewed here will be for streaming using video on demand as like many I've given up buying porn DVDs in favour of the advantages vod offers with instant access and even better a lot frigging cheaper!

Some recent view videos - reviews pending :

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with streaming porn you'll be getting instant access to some of the worlds best porn makers least thats what they will tell you, on the other hand I'll be giving my views on these videos and as I'll be paying to watch then will be an honest review

one note all the content within these reviews will be adult in nature with both free screens shots and direct links through to watch the video so you MUST be over 18 to click on any of the reviews listed on this site

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