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Its not a daft question, but when you pull into a car park just " How do you tell if couples are doing or not" after all its not something you can ask anyone and last thing you want to do is walk up to a couple in a car and ask " say bud do you want me to fuck the wife" LOL ...... you just know what the end result will be

Its really not such a an od question and I know when I started getting into the UK dogging scene with my wife we didn't know whats signals to give off to others and had many nights just sat around car parks wondering what signals we had to give out so others knew we were ready to meet dogging contacts

But that was really before the internet took to the dogging scene and started posting locations in private members only dogging forums & it was the use of these that really kicked the dogging scene right into life helping single males spot dogging couples and pre arrange meets

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But just what are the dogging signals? posted below are a few dogging signals used and a bit of what I would class as etiquette used within the dogging scene. Please only view these tips as a rough guide / tips - so some starting points for newbie dogging contacts

  • Car Interior lights ..... By leaving the lights on once parked up means your happy for others to watch you. If your looking for voyeur dogging sex then try this
  • Flashing..... and I'm not talking about the wife getting out and flashing, although this often happens!! ( see dogging wives photos ) By parking up and flashing your lights either brake or headlights means your ready for meets
  • Open windows .... by opening windows means your happy for contacts to get involved and by opening windows is directly inviting contacts to join in
  • Open your car door .......its the most used and op invitation for others to get into the car and join you for sex.

These are just a few and personally I would say putting your interior car lights on is probably the biggest used and if also with a window open a pretty strong indication that the couple in the car are looking for dogging meets ......Needless to say if you pre arrange meets which is what a lot do via the dogging forums then you can tell each other about car details and just look out for the car

If you are new then I would recommend a few additional suggestions

  • Take rubbers with you .......pretty common sense when you think about it as whilst dogging is great fun making sure you don't catch anything is paramount. Safe sex dogging IS the only way to play
  • Take some lube with you ...... a bit of lube will make sex far more comfortable as whilst we will all get excited over the idea of fucking some other guys wife the nerves can sometimes kick in and this could mean the wife is a little dry, plus with using a condom it helps a lot
  • Wallets, leave them at home.....If your going to hide something in a car where would you put it? under the drivers seat, maybe passengers or perhaps glove box, well lets face it we all know those places and should someone see you leaving your car its a perfect time to check out what you've left behind so leave the wallet at home

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