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Download Adult Videos get your porn movies today not next month!!! Why is it people still buy adult dvds? when you can look at a download site click on your movie and be watching it in next to no time - not sure about Adult video download or VOD then check out these FAQ's

We have partnered with one of the biggest and best download adult movies sites which offer a massive selection of both new & old adult movies and they are constanly adding new titles to their already vast selection - heres some FAQ's regarding downloading adult movies

  • How much is a to download adult video

It depends on how long you want to download it for but its around £4.95 for 7 days , £9.95 for 30 days or to download and keep £12.95 this may vary a little with exchange rates & films but its around those figures - which when you compair that to hiring a dvd from the local shop really inst bad

  • How long does it take to download

it really depends on your connection speed and time of the day, but I've found the best way is to start downloading the film and go and do something else or leave it till last thing at night then goto bed knowing that when you wake the film would have downloaded

  • Whats the quality like

Its DVD quality and you can watch the adult movie at full size with no loss of quality, obvoulsy if you have a better graphics card it will look better, but I've only got the basic one and I'm very happy with the download

  • What if I delete my movie.

Not a problem you can return and download the film as often as you like within the hire period of the adult movie

  • Do I need software to watch the videos

You will need Windows Media Player that should be already installed on your PC if not just follow the link itsa a free add on from windows

  • What shows up on my Credit Card when I pay to download adult movies and the amount of money you spent

  • What is "Download to Own"

the movie will be downloaded onto your PC and can watch it as often as you like with no time limit, this movie can also be downloaded onto 3 other machines using your licence code and likewise should you delete it you can just download the film agian

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