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Aberdeen - Counteswell Car Park

otscpl - It's straight opposite the horse riding place. We like it as it's quite secluded so the mrs can get out the car and flash her ass off! As ever wknds are the the best time to go, but during the week is picking up. Maybe because more swingers are getting into doggin? Who knows?

Dundee- Templeton Woods

Mr Richards (non-member) - To get to Templeton woods, take the Couper Angus Road out of Dundee. It's not far from Camperdown. After dark this location gets really busy with doggers. I only go there on Saturday night so I don't know about weekdays. Lots of picnic benches and trees that come in handy for leaning on. Voyeurs will love this place, I think you should know!

Duns - Lay by along Grantshouse Cedar Wood

sammiey - Avoid like the plague. I've seen more action in a morgue. Just a couple of dirty old men waiting around.

mrbig42 - I'll be along in my big truck on Thurs early am. Any doggers want to hop in my cab?

Perthshire - Peable Hydro Hotel Car Park

davidsandra - We rate this car park the best for wife swap dogging. In fact it's pretty much the only active dogging spot in Perthshire *sigh* Wish we knew more couples near us to go dogging with!

Argyllshire - oban corran esplanade

blueballs - A fairly small car park, on the right as you head towards Gavivan Sands. If I were you I'd check it out during the day so you're sure you know the way. Nothing worse than driving round in the dark when all you want to do is watch your wife get fucked by some horny stranger! Seriously though, it's a good venue for doggers, I've never seen the police hanging around there mate.

Inverness - Culloden Battlefield Visitors Centre Car Park

jootoo24 - A great place to go dogging is Culloden car park. It's just to the east of Inverness. I've had fun with many couples here. It's down a nice quiet little country lane so you don't need to worry about disturbing anyone XXX

Blaireadam Forrest - Perthshire, Kinross-shire, Dunkeld

sweetcaroline0 - I was up your way and sucked cock in blaireadam forrest just outside kelty, some other guys were watching from there cars as i sucked. my cuckold husband has a small penis so im looking for a guy with at least 6 inches or bigger


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