If theres one thing Merseyside dogging contacts and thats LOADS of places to meet up primarily due to the fact its overwhelmingly the land use is urban and industrial which means one thing alone LOTS or couples & singles looking for outdoor meets, if your looking for current Merseyside dogging locations look no further.

With its rich mix of high density urban areas, sandy beaches and nature reserves in Merseyside you can just see why our members have no problems with finding local contacts

Whether its couples, singles females, males or tranny members the idea of meeting somewhere for outdoor sex its not really a case of how its more like WHEN ..............

Rather than just heading towards Merseyside dogging locations and hoping to meet up why not use the internet and either read profiles posted by dogging couples, check out forums postings ( examples below) or members blogs where they details times and locations of meets

With the internet not only has it taken away the disappointed of having a wasted nights sat around some dark public car park but gives you a chance to directly talk with thousands of Merseyside Dogging contacts ............and whats even better basic membership is FREE

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Cantril Farm - Car Park at Barley Mow

scousegit - The car park outside the pub is a good bet, especially at weekends after closing time. I have seen doggin activity for the past 3 weeks at least and it looks like its getting more popular. Quite a few young dogger's there as well!

Birkenhead - Park

dougie1972 - There are lots of secluded areas around the park, layby's etc. Active most nights, but lookout for (real!) dog-walkers. I have heard of police patrols in the area but I've never seen them myself.

Eastham Woods - M53 Wirral - J5

shayne (non-member) - The car parks around the country park are a great meeting point for doggers, then you can take your fun elsewhere. Can get really busy after dark, i'd recommend this dogging site to anyone.

Liverpool - Halewood Railway bridge

baz647 - I've been down there a few times but never seen any recent actitivity. Think its safe to say this site is now dead. It was a bit too out of the way anyway. I mean you want to be secluded, but you don't want to get mugged do u!!!!

Liverpool - Calderstone's Park, Menlove Avenue

hitesha - Try the park late evening babes - don't go in the day you will just see loads of beatles fans lol. Touch wood, they have not started locking the gates yet.

Liverpool - Otterspool Promenade

nwsexfun - Spotted several couples at it, and they didn't seem to mind me watching he he. I know a few more good dogging sites around the airport area, PM me if you want to know more ;-)

Wallasey - Picnic Area

horny4u2nite - Everyone in Wallasey knows this site, but if you don't know the area then check it out during daylight beforehand! I shall be in the car park tonite with my new sexy gf who has massive tits and loves sucking cocks. She promises to take on everyone there while I watch. Everyone is welcome, see you all there hopefully.

Bootle dogging - Canal

debs4sex - Hi anyone fancy meeting up for some oral dogging sex? My wife loves sucking guys off and ALWAYS swallows and we are looking for meets with males around Bootle / Stand. I will be present and taking photos and if you look at our profile you'll see some recent pics. We meet at the canal bridge just under Marsh Lane or sometimes around railway bridge by Oriel Road so lets meet .

wirral/birkenhead Dogging - Wirral Coastal park

wirralmeets - Want some dogging at New Brighton Just off J1 / M53 its easy to find New Brighton just pull into main car parks, both gay or straight. We use it most weekends .

Southport dogging - naturist dogging / Ainsdale Beach

jonkathsouth - let me first say that Ainsdale dogging is probably the most used locations in Merseyside or at least it was for many years until the police spoiled it and whilst its a lot quieter than it used to be theres still some action although my wife & I don't use it anymore other than some voyeur sex if we fancy spying on some dogging couples, so use it at your peril!!. We use a little the nature reserve by Formby as theres so private walks and the beach is backed by sand dunes so loads of places to meet for naturist dogging contacts. Drop us a line if you want to meet


Free Access to Local merseyside contacts

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