Wife swapping dogging Londoners have fun meeting other swinging couples in and around the capital city of England. As London is the most populated city in the EU, you would imagine it to be swarming with dogging car parks. While it has no shortage of gay cruising areas, straight couple dogging car parks in London are harder to locate. Maybe the Congestion Charge is putting horny London doggers off!

Take a look at what out London wife swap members had to say about real active doggin places within the M25 region. These dogging comments and reviews that cover the ancient City of London as well as the wider area of Greater London, are recent postings taken from the doggers forums and chatroom.

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Clapham - Clapham Common

scarysarah - No point going dogging here unless you are a gay man. Or like me you just want to bump into George Michael. Hasn't happened yet but I live in hope!

Dulwich - Thickett Car Park

ldncpl2427 - On the windy road that goes up to the golf course next to Dulwich college there are lots of passing places. We like to put on a sexy show there as often as we can.

Kenton - NW9

keesha - I am trying to arrange meet for next sat. My boyfriend wants to watch me take several big cocks one after the other. Any 7"+ London guys interested?

Hammersmith - Tescos Car Park

deano4u - Why is this car park known as wife swap city? I didnt see any car action going on!

funfulhamguy - Wait until Tescos is shut then Deano ;-))

Scratchwood - Stirling Corner (off A1) Barnet

DogginPaul - Local council and police are trying to clamp down on dogging at the green space and the car park, I'd advise caution if you are using these places. My mate had his details taken by police. Best to find another dogging spot.

Tooting Bec - Common

justinlondon - Next to the athletic track is a red light area, so you do get 'girls' and their punters there too. But quite a few doggers are using the car park these days. I take the missus there and watch her get fucked from time to time.

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