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Thinking about getting into the UK swingers scene and looking for some advice? Posted below are some pointers that will help you out when considering becoming a swinger.......

but with forums, chatrooms, blogs & message boards the best people to ask are the members themselves ........especially when you consider basic membership is FREE

The vast amount of people that join swingers contacts sites are couples and if your new you may find this page helpful and an introduction into the basics of swinging. Couples join swingers sites to meet with others and realise sexual fantasizes about having others join them for sex....this can either be with other couples, singles, groups or parties and by joining a swingers website you are making the first steps towards these dreams coming true

With so many couples joining the UK swingers scene this is great news for those already involved as most swingers are always pleased to hear from new members local to them....but like anything in life there can be pitfalls, hence the reason I've added this page to offer some advice towards newbie swingers


Its a bit of main point hence making it bold and something you sometimes see members discussing where a partner is reluctant to join in and meet with couples and whilst joining a swingers site offers so much and a way to live out sexual fantasies, it has to be a two way street with both of you agreeing this is what you BOTH want. Discuss your fantasies, if you both still want to make it happen then join us, should one partner not be sure DON'T. 

One of the worst things you can do is force a reluctant partner into the scene and meeting with others for sex and dragging someone onto a contacts site or meeting another couple is not going to make them change their views.

Talk about boundaries, what you want to do or NOT.

boundaries are something you should discuss before you even start your profile so members know the types of contacts your after, some couples for example only want soft swapping meets, whilst others are happy to jump right in and enjoy full swapping sex right from the onset, but don't go to your first meeting without knowing how far your happy to see your partner going...

It may well be a case that your happy to see your wife getting fucked by another guy or even female and for your first meet full intercourse is fine, if not then you need to talk about this and establish your boundaries, then when meeting with couples they will know what they can & can't do just make sure you both stick to them.

After you've hopefully enjoyed your first swingers meet sit back and chat about it, what you liked , disliked and what you enjoyed seeing, either way good or bad you must talk about it before you move onto more meets

Last DON'T FALL IN LOVE .............

Your meeting with couples for SEX or theres going to be some fun and hopefully friendship along the way but remember they are swapping with you NOT failing in love ......wrong site !!

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